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Deal Advisory

Firms are under pressure today than ever before to deliver better and durable value maximising solutions for stakeholders. By thinking differently, ACI helps clients look beyond immediate challenges to future opportunities; and drive strategic change with the confidence that they are making the best decision at any time.

We combine deep sector knowledge, superior analytic abilities and a global mindset with African expertise to help clients achieve superior results. Our team of specialists assist clients navigate the complex and fragmented process to make investment decisions that count.

Because we’re Akribos, we have a seamless offer running from strategy through execution to real results.

Real results, achieved by integrated specialists.

Strategy Consulting

Bold strategic decisions and precise execution matter more now than ever before in today’s rapidly changing global economy. Akribos Advisory helps organizations move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities, drive growth, and harness innovation while mitigating risks and delivering value on the African continent.

We help firms enhance the value of their business by reviewing their strategy execution and operations to assess how best to optimise strategy execution to maximize value.



  • Value enhancement
  • Capital structure optimisation
  • Cost structure optimisation
  • Process optimisation.
Due Diligence
Uncovering black holes and hidden value

While there are significant financial and strategic benefits in mergers and acquisitions, the process comes with inherent risks that need to be systematically identified and properly managed. Acquirers often become overly enthusiastic or feel pressured into closing a deal ending up glossing over potential pitfalls and giving in to too many negotiation points. Global merger statistics reveal that more than 60% of M&A deals destroy value for the acquirers. This value destruction can be avoided through effective pre-acquisition due diligence.

Due diligence is used to identify deal breakers, understand the financial and operational health of the target, set negotiation parameters, challenge synergy and valuation assumptions as well as assess risks. Effective due diligence uncovers potential upside that can be exploited thereby enhancing the deal and inspiring the potential acquirer to pursue a deal more aggressively.

Although a straightforward exercise, too many acquirers (and even due diligence accountants) see due diligence as just an audit exercise and end up missing the real value of a deal.


What do we look out for during due diligence?

  • Deal Breakers
  • Valuation Issues
  • Negotiation Points
  • Identifying Hidden Value
  • Warranties, Transition & Completion Issues
  • Integration & Separation Issues
Valuation Services

Akribos Advisory will, after a careful due diligence process, seek to properly value the target asset in any corporate finance transaction.

Our approach is 60% discounted cash flow valuation biased, 30% relative valuation and 10% of the times assets are valued using contingent or option based valuation methods. We come up with a value for the asset of interest to our clients after a careful consideration of all the fundamental drivers of value.


What do we look out for during valuation?

  • The business(es) the target operates in.
  • The riskiness of the target’s cash flow which is incorporated in the discount rates used to value the asset.
  • The growth prospects of the target’s cash flow.
  • The competitive advantages of the target and,
  • The length of the target’s growth prospects.
Development Financing

Akribos has a team of experts to carefully assess the feasibility of projects and evaluate the magnitude of project funding required. Our expertise lies in project origination, structuring, modelling and financing.

We will give our clients exposure to our global financing network.


Why us?

  • Global capabilities
  • Tailor made solutions

Projects we consider;

  • Hospitals
  • Housing
  • Alternative Energy
  • Power and Water

Ratings Services

Fixed income products are slowly gaining traction in SSA and Zimbabwe is no exception. Investors in both private and public issues require a way of assessing the risks associated with consuming these investment products. Credit ratings thus become a key component of fixed income investing and ACI Rating Services seeks to partner investors by issuing ratings on debt security issues and the issuers.

Our ratings are based on the likelihood of payment, capacity and willingness of the obligor to meet its financial obligation. We pay special attention to country risk and corporate governance matters around any issue or issuers we rate.

ACI employs a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques in establishing ratings for issuers and their issues.


Credit Rating types;

  • Short term ratings
  • Long term ratings